How to Have Fun with the LomoChrome Purple — A Gallery by Acasia

The LomoChrome Purple film is among one of the favorites of artists out there. Lomographer @acasia and their surreal urban shots teaches us how to make the most out of this versatile purple formula.

Credits: acasia

A Colorful Standout

Here, Acasia strategically composes her shots by distinguishing color contrast between the subject of foreground and the background.

Credits: acasia

Purple “Photograms”

If we have cyanotypes for all-blue prints and Van Dyke Brown prints for earthy tones and golds, how about emulating the appearance of these processes with the LomoChrome Purple film? These shots of foliage and flora by Acasia remind us of the iconic azure prints of botanist Anna Atkins, but in dreamy purple! No need to fuss over chemicals and darkroom post-process, simply load a roll of the LomoChrome Purple and you’re already halfway there with your purple prints.

Credits: acasia

Teal Skies, Mulberry Streets

Instant art always exists on clear days. Those gray buildings and dull blue skies will easily shift the scenery to the urban wonderland you’ve been dreaming of with the LomoChrome Purple.

Credits: acasia

Recolor Public Graffiti

Ever wonder what some works of art look like? Take photos of street art and you’ll be gifted with the unique, contrasting harmony between surreal violets and greens. Remember: blue turns into green, green turns to purple, and yellow turns to pink! Playing around with the extensive ISO can easily shift the hues of the colors both deeper or lighter.

Credits: acasia

Check their Instagram and LomoHome for more of their work!

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LomoChrome Purple Film 100-400 35mm

This unique color negative film will astound you by transforming natural tones of your photo into new eye-popping hues. A revival of the psychedelic infrared look from the Kodak Aerochrome film we all love, this film guarantees astounding photographic results.

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