Snapping Real Panoramas at Lake Tahoe — a Photo Gallery by @liviahyams

In this article, we gave you some reasons why you should try out taking "real panoramas". This time, we're showing you another example to make a stronger case.

Credits: liviahyams

Enter @liviahyam's wonderful panoramic world captured with the Sprocket Rocket! Liv demonstrates what a panoramic camera is capable of—taking in wide views with a click of a button. The majesty of Lake Tahoe is highlighted by the coverage of the camera's wide-angle lens. To top it all off, the sprocket holes make for a great analogue effect, wouldn't you say?

Credits: liviahyams

We would like to thank Liv for sharing these gems with us! Visit her LomoHome to see more of her work.

written by cheeo on 2021-12-10 #people #places #photo-gallery #panoramas #sprocket-rocket #liviahyams

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