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When it comes to experimenting with film photography, there are countless ways to go about it. One of the simplest things that you can do is using different kinds of film. Just by switching your regular roll to something that you've never used before will make a difference—not only in the results that you'll get, but also in developing your creative style and skills. Once you've mastered shooting in color, black & white (and everything in between), you'll be more confident in taking on more advanced techniques.

Beginners and pros alike have made the Lomography Turquoise XR 100-400 one of the most sought-after films in our lineup. This film produces a dramatic color shift, with turquoise as its dominant color. Warm colors turn into blue, blues turn into gold, and greens into emerald. Depending on how you use it, this film will continue to surprise you with its unique color effects without the need for filters.

To give you an overview of what this film can do, here are some tips from community members!

Shooting in Different ISO Settings

The LomoChrome Turquoise has an ISO range of 100-400, and the colors change or respond depending on what setting you use. @ihave2pillows illustrated the differences in this film review.

Away from direct sunlight, my chili peppers got the best color saturation at ISO 100 but were underexposed at ISO 400. Instead of hot and spicy killers, these peppers looked more like mint candies on LomoChrome Turquoise.
Credits: ihave2pillows

It helps to know how the colors will change, so you won't be too surprised.

This new film is weird and wonderful. Its look is more Tim Burton than Frozen. Some Lomographers might even have a field day hunting Smurfs or battling Frankensteins. If you are going for a specific color, do take note of the color shifts and plan ahead. Will a red apple look as interesting as one that has striations?

Here is a quick color guide by @ihave2pillows for your reference:

Red -> Blue
Orange -> Blue
Pink -> Purple
Yellow -> Turquoise
Green -> Dark Green
Blue -> Yellow/Orange
Purple -> Brown

Read his review for more detailed information!

Credits: ihave2pillows

Enhancing the Color Shift

As previously mentioned, shooting the film in different ISO settings is a factor in color shifting. Below, @kritsalos shot the same subject in ISO 400, 200, and 100. Spot the differences?

Credits: kritsalos

The more varied the colors of the scene, the better. Check out the photos below—they were all taken with the LomoChrome Turquoise, but resulted in different looks! Take note of three things: lighting conditions, ISO settings, and the real colors (and what they're shifting to)—your final output will depend on these.

Credits: shanti929, erisin, dop & clickiemcpete

Turquoise in the Night

For a beginner, shooting the LomoChrome Turquoise at night might be a little tricky but possible. Here, @juliabrummer shares some important pointers to keep in mind.

Comparison between real lights, LomoChrome Turquoise, and LomoChrome Purple, by @juliabrummer.
Take certain precautions when the subject is light, especially at night. In terms of light, understand that very dark shades, browns, grays, and even black, will not be possible to achieve, the perceived maximum is darkened colors in the shifting process (unless other tones are generated by waves of differentiated kinds of light, such as black light). The use of bulb with controlled apertures (from 4.9 to 5.6) or screen cross filters can extend the light trajectories, making other tones and bringing small rainbows to the photos.

Read her how-to to learn more about shooting in the nighttime.

Credits: juliabrummer & klive0420

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written by shhquiet on 2021-11-03 #lomochrome-turquoise

Lomography LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 (35mm)

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