Lomography Partners: Stavanger Foto of Norway


Come one, come all. Lomography has partners all over the world to help serve your analogue needs. If you're from Norway then it's your lucky day! We're featuring our Stavanger-based stockist Steffen of Stavanger Foto in today's installment of Lomography Partners.

© Stavanger Foto

Can you introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

We are the largest photo-store in Norway with in-house lab and film developing, and also one of the largest in both sales and size. We are located in the southwest part and receive film from all over the country. We also serve many local customers in the area. Aside from developing film and photos, we also offer a wide range of cameras and photo gear.

What does analogue mean to you?

I think of it as something more tangible and old school.

What does Lomography mean to you?

It's analogue photography with a twist.

© Stavanger Foto

Why do you choose to work with Lomography?

All film enthusiasts know of Lomography. We, of course, want to serve these people and also broaden our selection of film stock and offer something else than the traditional films.

What is your favorite Lomography product and why?

We like the Lomography Simple Use Reusable Cameras as a good introduction to anyone curious about analogue photography. It's a huge plus that you can reuse these and try out different film types, as well as they are as simple to operate as a regular single-use camera.

Are you doing any creative projects right now in the store or personally? Please tell us more about them.

Not really, but I have recently started photographing with my old Canon AV-1 again after it spent several years on the shelf. I have it loaded with Metropolis film right now.

© Stig Håvard Dirdal and Nina Carlsen for Stavanger Foto

What does the future of analogue photography look like to you? How will this impact your store in the next ten years?

Ten years ago we would have probably said that our film-developing days were gone. Today, however, the future of film is luckily more optimistic and it feels as if we have now reached a peak at the moment. Although it probably will decrease again in the coming years, we still think film will remain popular in ten years' time.

What difficulties did your shop/lab have to face during the lockdowns and what kept you going through these hard times?

We had a small down period for some weeks at the start, but we quickly got more to do than before. We had a big increase in film orders, especially. Before the pandemic hit, we had actually just implemented prepaid film orders with e-mailing of scans as soon as the order is finished. This helped a little bit because a lot of customers didn't need to come in for pickup.

Quick Questions

What's the most annoying thing about running an analogue lab?

It's got to be the maintenance.

What's your favorite memory from the lab so far?

Switching from Noritsu to Fuji Frontier lab and SP-3000 scanner many years ago

© Stavanger Foto

What would you do if you didn’t run a photo lab?

Probably manage our web shop.

Vital Information

Official Name: Stavanger Foto
Began Accepting Film for Developing: 1982
Address: Hillevågsveien 24, 4016 Stavanger, Norway
Services offered: 35 mm, 120, 126, 110, C41, B&W, E6. camera gear and film sales
Film lab staff: 2-3

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    Awwww, Stavanger is such a beautiful City, we‘ve been there in 2016. 🇳🇴 ❤️

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