Around the World in Analogue: AfroPunk 2021 in Atlanta

Afropunk is a festival that showcases art, fashion, film, and music produced by black artists and communities. It was originally inspired by a 2003 documentary that followed the lives of African-Americans in the punk rock scene. It started in 2005 and acted as a platform for talented, black artists from white-dominated music subcultures such as punk rock. As it grew larger, the festival also focused more on hiphop, soul, and pop for more inclusivity.

For this Around the World in Analogue, we invited Travon Gourdine a.k.a. @boshnovart to share a few of his thoughts, experiences and photos of this celebratory event.

Credits: boshnovart

Tell us more about AfroPunk Fest -- when did you start attending and what makes this event special? Who did you go with in this festival?

Afropunk was an experience, it’s a music festival dedicated to celebrating people from all walks of life, a judgment-free zone for sure, of course including amazing, talented musical artists as well as all types of other artists. I met so many great people there, that’s was my favorite part.

Please share with us some of the memorable experiences you had here.

Everything was so memorable — the people, the outfits, the music, the love shown to everyone, you had to be there, it’s hard to explain.

Credits: boshnovart

As a photographer -- what subject/s did you photograph the most here and why?

I took mostly portraits and a few concert shots, but of course, portraits give you more of an up-close & personal view of the subject, everyone was just beautiful there.

How are you lately and what are you up to next?

Everything is going well, I just quit my job about 2 weeks ago to pursue photography full time so it’s been quite the journey so far. Still fulfilling my dream as a full-time photographer, hopefully taking on more projects, getting more creative with my shoots, still working towards a book so that’s in the works.

Credits: boshnovart

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