Pasquale Ettorre's Studio Photo Session with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera

After finding a very interesting video on his Youtube channel in which he reveals the behind-the-scenes of a studio portrait session taken entirely with one of our Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera, we had a chat with the photographer behind these shots: Pasquale Ettorre.

© Pasquale Ettorre

Hi Pasquale, welcome! Could you make a short presentation to the readers of our Online Magazine?

I'm originally from Matera but I've been living and working in Milan for 10 years. Here, I attended a master's degree in Photography and Visual Design. After a period of working as an assistant, I now work as a freelance photographer. Minimal and natural, between portraiture and the fashion world, my photographs have the same effect of a breath of fresh air (this last part was used to describe me during a presentation, and I really liked it).

© Pasquale Ettorre

Tell us about your photographic background: when did you start your journey into the photography world?

Basically what I did was nothing extraordinary, but at the same time, it wasn't easy. I started by chance hanging out in my father's photography shop in Matera. And yes, back then there were shops that sold rolls of films, cameras and developed and printed photographs before digital came along. Of course, we also shot a lot of weddings. This was my training ground. Fortunately, my father has always been an atypical photographer compared to the classic figure of the photographers from the province. And so, in his bookshops, I have always found many books by interesting authors, such as the Ansel Adams trilogy, which is an excellent volume for those approaching this fascinating world of photography and which I would, of course, highly recommend reading.

Then I moved to Milan and here, thanks to my stubbornness and a series of coincidences, I became the assistant of a well-known photographer: Settimio Benedusi. I can safely say that the almost five years I spent here in Milan at his side made me take that decisive step to complete myself, to really understand what photography is, and to become a professional photographer.

© Pasquale Ettorre

What made you decide to become a fashion photographer?

In the beginning, I was very focused on portrait photography, but there were plenty of occasions when I would force my friends or girlfriends to pose in a studio or in an inspiring location to try to interpret a story that I had been inspired by reading a magazine or watching a film. It was therefore natural for me to approach fashion photography, which also allowed me to carry out team projects, give concrete form to ideas, and give free rein to my creativity. I have worked for various magazines, both online and on paper, creating editorial or advertising work. Through photography, I have also been able to pry into the stories of perfect strangers, portraying them and trying to tell their stories.

© Pasquale Ettorre

All these photos were taken with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera, which is a lot more simply-built and basic compared to other point-and-shoot types. Nevertheless, you managed to create some wonderful photographs! What would you say to those who say you have to spend a fortune to get good results?

I would tell them to really think about what they want to say or tell and, if they are really good, they can do it in any medium. I have always believed that the camera is a medium and should be used intelligently. It doesn't matter if it's a disposable, an analogue found in the boxes in your grandparents' attic, the latest digital camera just released on the market, or even a smartphone. I don't remember exactly who, but I once heard a photographer, an American one I think, say: The best camera is the one you have with you! :)

In addition to your photographs, we have to admit that we totally fell in love with the model in this series: how important is the choice of the subject for a fashion shoot?

It's as important as choosing the right outfits, the right makeup, the right location, and the right photographer! :) However, I remember that as soon as I saw her among the agency's proposals I just knew she was the right model for the kind of photos I had in mind to take with Simple Use.

© Pasquale Ettorre

How do you handle a photoshoot when you can't get any chemistry with the subject?

I adapt to the situation: I try to figure out how the subject responds the best and I try to keep that direction in order to get the best possible result.

Did you try to reload our Simple Use camera that you used in your video with another film?

I honestly remember doing that, but I don't remember on which occasion. :) But I remember perfectly well that I used another Lomo camera, the Diana, to take some photos at a wedding of a dear friend of mine. You can check them out here.

© Pasquale Ettorre

In an undeniably digital age, what drives you to shoot on film?

I have actually always shot on film. I can tell you that what I find interesting about shooting analogue is its approach. You don't have many photos, you can't see what you've done right away and, not to underestimate, each shot costs a lot of money so you have to think very well before you click the shutter. You're forced to imagine what you want to achieve first, to create the composition in your head and not make a thousand attempts and then choose what you like best.

© Pasquale Ettorre

You have a very interesting Youtube channel: can you tell us what prompted you to open this channel focused on photography?

I inherited quite a few analogue cameras, of all formats, from my father, who is a retired photographer, so one day I said to myself: either I sell everything or I open a Youtube channel! From there I realised that even here in Italy there is great interest in the world of analogue cameras and so I started to create a lot of content, collaborating and meeting a lot of photographers and interesting guys.

© Pasquale Ettorre

Do you have any interesting projects or collaborations in the pipeline?

Talking about videos, I have just finished a photography course video in collaboration with the very clever guys from and I will continue to develop, also with them, a video project in order to create a community, which I am really passionate about.

Follow Pasquale on his Instagram profile and Youtube channel. The model of these photos is Havana Plevani.

written by melissaperitore on 2021-11-03 #gear #videos

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