Two Souls in One Roll: Double Exposure Portraits from “Make This a Double”


There is something quite fascinating when observing a photographer’s self-portrait. Even more interesting it is to see how two artists melt their images into one another. When Lomographer Anca Pandrea, a.k.a.@ofchanceandchoice launched the project @MakeThisADouble, we were pleasantly surprised by the initiative and even more amazed by the results that kept pouring in. As the project is still undergoing, we are taking a look at the double-exposure portraits found in the series.

Credits: makethisadouble

Surprisingly Connected

When we observe a portrait, the artist may be trying to convey their point of view on a particular emotion that the subject is expressing. We get to connect intimately, whether it is about a feeling that we share or when we get touched by the story that its telling. As we dig deeper with our thoughts on the art of portraiture, we looked at the community’s work and the results achieved by the swaps. It must be striking to be involved in those images and feel your own emotions, as well as the other’s.

Credits: makethisadouble

Coincidental Assemblage

The random assignment of the swappers makes this set of images even more alluring. One of the rules was not to plan the photos beforehand, which adds a level of mystical connection to the fact that these images are from two photographers. Two photographers who took up to each other’s challenges, and came up with these surprisingly introspective pictures. Some images were haunting, some hilarious, and all of them told special stories about the photographers involved.

Credits: makethisadouble

The project has been a source of inspiration and surprises. We encourage you to join the Community! Keep on uploading your swaps and add to the 16 million community photos already on the website. To be connected has never been so fun.

written by eparrino on 2021-11-20 #people #double-exposure #portraits #make-this-a-dobule


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