Halloween Extravaganza from Lomography


Ghost season it’s officially open. There is no better night than Halloween to combine spooky with creativity. We look at some fun snapshots from our Lomography Community, shared during the years on the scariest night of all.

Credits: day3hugger, hailkingstewie, ahdeedas & zark

Supernaturally Your Best Self

We know very well that Halloween is not only for kids but is actually the only party where grown-ups take "dressing up" to the next level.

Credits: jwebcrafter, xbalboax, uskidsknow, spain_archive, lomosexual_manboy, doomgloom, johnccc & camarques13

Feeling Ghostly

Every household pays homage to their deceased and it decorates to honor who passed away. We can feel spirits among us as we get ready to open the doors to the other side.

Credits: reneverhagen, doublek, legacy, planetape2001, angel-headed_hipster, novakmisi & arabrab

As the last feeling of chill leaves this gallery, like a ghost that has found peace, we wonder: Where will the spirit of Halloween bring you next?

Credits: vicuna

We are excited to see our community's original and fun way to celebrate Halloween! Share with us your spooky night and comment them below!

written by eparrino on 2021-10-31 #people #halloween


  1. oukrid
    oukrid ·

    Lemmy (Motörhead) came back from Hell for Halloween 2021 !


  2. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    @oukrid Hëll yeah

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