A Mysterious Forest In Purple—Photos by Dominik Unbehagen


Following our features on his seaside trip with the Diana Mini and a gloomy, blue-hour trip to the pond, Dominik Unbehagen takes us to a walk through a beautiful forest together with his friends.

Here's a little info about Dominik: he's from the north of Germany, currently studying Philosophy. He says he is curious about understanding our society, including its forms of art. His introduction to photography was through a friend who told him about the possibility of achieving various looks through film manipulation. With 30€, he purchased his first camera—a Minolta with a good lens—and realized that it was quite an affordable leap into taking great photographs. This fascination with photography sparked an interest into trying different things and experimenting with them.

This photo set, taken with the LomoChrome Purple, was shot in a forest during a trip to the countryside. We see a gradient of greens, ranging from pine to moss and a bit of seafoam; we also see deep purples in grape, blackcurrant, and a dash of licorice. Together, they make up a mysterious picture of a forest, which was already enchanting to begin with. We had a little chat with Dominik about these moody photos and his experience with the Purple film.

Credits: dominik_unbehagen

Dominik, your photos have a moody, cinematic feel. Any movies, artists, music, or other art forms that influences your vision?

Before I was photographing, I was drawing and painting a lot. I think that is where I first started to think about things like composition. Therefore I also like when photographs have something from a painting. Visually, the movies from Tarkowski are what inspire me somehow. I can‘t really tell why, though.

Any interesting moments during this photoshoot?

We felt like teenagers at the beginning of a horror movie, so we started to make jokes about how incapable to survive we would be and how everything around us suddenly turned into a horror movie cliché. We laughed a lot and at some point it was actually creepy, so we turned around and got back on the official path.

Credits: dominik_unbehagen

Can you tell us the story behind this photo set? Where were these taken and what prompted you to use the LomoChrome Purple film for this particular shoot?

I was on a trip to the countryside with my friends. We were really happy to discover a beautiful forest. Forest are very seldom in the north of Germany, so it‘s special to be there. I took my camera loaded with the LomoChrome Purple because it will turn all the green tones into purple. I think this gives the forest a mysterious look. In about half an hour I finished an almost empty roll - I was very inspired!

Did the film meet your expectations?

I like the LomoChrome Purple for the niche that it fits into. It only serves me in very particular situations, especially when there is something surreal about the landscape. Then it can make something special out of scenes that would otherwise be just okay-ish. But I think it can be hard to find these scenes, so I don‘t use the film very often.

Credits: dominik_unbehagen

What do you like about film photography?

I like how the results can vary. From high-quality photographs to all the Lomographic possibilities - it is such a large spectrum. Each camera creates an unique look and has a different handling. Therefore each fits a niche on its own. Some are handy for snapshots, some are good for experimenting, some work well in the night, and so on. And sometimes it is fun to just take a camera and use it for everything. So with every camera and film I am in a different mode of photographing.

What does photography mean to you?

For me it is a habit that makes my life less boring because it adds a new perspective to every normal moment. I can put my own emphasis on things that happen around me. Or sometimes it might even be possible to tell stories that go beyond what actually happened.

To see more of Dominik's photos, please visit his LomoHome.

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