Self Taught — a Photo Book by Tim Kerr


If you don't know who Tim Kerr is, then you're definitely missing out. Tim has been a moving force in different fields of art—music, painting, photography—the list goes on. We've been lucky enough to bring him in as a LomoAmigo back in 2015—he made a one-of-a-kind La Sardina and took pictures with it—and up to now, he proves to be an inspiration to us here in the community.

Self Taught © Tim Kerr via Don Giovanni Records

This time, Tim Kerr launched a new photo book/recording along with Don Giovanni Records titled "Self Taught" just last August. It's composed of pictures made with toy cameras and instant cameras and features paintings of various artists he's met in his career. Filled with color and music, the book is as much as a visual treat as it is a musical one. Portraits of artists done in Tim's signature style are accompanied by a digital copy of "Up Around The Sun"—an album released by Tim with his friend Jerry Haggins through Don Giovanni Records.

Self Taught © Tim Kerr via Don Giovanni Records

Pre-order copies are currently sold out but you may check with Don Giovanni Records for more info on availability.

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  1. nicktaurojr
    nicktaurojr ·

    This guy was kinda big during the 90s indie music scene. Cool to see his name pop up here.

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