Shooting 20-Year-Old Large Format Readyload Film with Markus Hofstaetter

This piece is going to be filed under "photographers being photographers" if only we had that kind of series. Kidding aside, there are quite a few experiences that only photographers can relate to. One of those is having films stocked up in refrigerators—sometimes eating half of the storage space or gasp, having a dedicated fridge just for film stock.

© Markus Hofstaetter

It's not surprising since it's a good way to keep films from degrading especially those special kinds that are probably already discontinued. In this case, photographer Markus Hofstaetter opens up a box of 20-year-old 4x5 Kodak Readyload film to capture these majestic portraits of swans. Markus shares that he's been observing this bevy of swans for two seasons that's why he was able to come up close and take detailed photos. This commitment to the art of photography easily makes Markus one of our favorite modern photographers to feature. He's just so into the process and experience of taking photos that every project he works on just inspires us to try out something new and exciting as well.

© Markus Hofstaetter

Markus used a Linhof Technika camera and a 400 mm Tele Xenar lens in this project.

© Markus Hofstaetter

Learn more about Markus by following his website.

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