Gongkan Carves a Magical Space in Designing the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Thai artist Kantapon Metheekul, a.k.a. Gongkan is one of Bangkok's leading contemporary artists today. The artist began in New York in which he developed Teleport Art, and created a sculptural series that explored the theme of instant travel and dimensions. These artworks often feature a black hole with people and creatures coming out of these holes. For Gongkan, the black hole symbolizes freedom.

Now back in Bangkok, Gongkan's collaborated with Lomography for the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition, featuring his otherworldly design. Learn more about Gongkan, what inspires him, and how he designed the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition here.

Portrait of Gongkan with the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Hi Gongkan! Could you tell us more about yourself? How did you start as an artist?

I have liked to draw since I was young. When I grew up, I studied art all the time. I'm serious about art when I'm abroad and keep doing it.

How did the idea of 'Teleport' come from? And how about the concept?

The concept is 'Freedom'. I believe that everyone has social problems and teleportation is like a solution that we want to see the world we want.

If you could teleport, where is the first place you would like to go?

I want to go to a friendly alien world. I believe our planet also has extraterrestrial lives.

Portraits of Gongkan with the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Your work has traveled all over the world. Is there any difference between working art in Thailand and abroad?

It has the same and different points too. I think that each country has different styles of work depending on society and culture.

Could you please share an interesting fun fact that you think other people don't know about you?

I can't remember people's names but I'm very good at remembering faces or pictures. I am not good at recognizing the title or information that is not an image.

Does the Covid-19 situation affect you since it's been around two years already in Thailand? How do you adapt to the pandemic?

Yes, the main thing is I can't go outside for a long time then It makes me feel depressed. I adapted to this situation by finding something to do, such as exercising or finding good food.

The Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Your works are expanded through a variety of materials including painting on canvas, sculpture, street art on the wall, and painting on glass. Which material do you like the most and why?

I still like canvas but it’s also fun to mix different materials together.

When you come to designing the camera, How do you feel? Is it different from other materials?

It's a challenge because the camera pattern has a limitation. I have to design it attractively and want to design a camera that is pleasant to look at and It can match with the clothes in many styles.

Do you usually take pictures? Could you tell us about your experience while shooting with your Lomo'Instant?

I like to take pictures to keep inspiration and moments. When I try to use the Lomo'Instant camera, I feel like it's really fun because the photos can come out instantly and I’m very excited with the result. The colors are extraordinary and make the photos look charming in their own way.

Instant photos taken by Gongkan with the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Could you please tell us about the concept of the Lomo’Instant Gongkan edition?

The concept of this camera is talking about freedom of perspective. People should have a vision. No matter what the issue in society, everyone has a different point of view and their perspective can create something new.

What were the subjects you took off with the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition? What is your favorite photo?

The photo set is very special because It keeps my memory of when I went to travel in New York and I also took the photos while I went to the Phuket sandbox. It's like a remembrance during the covid period after I got quarantined in Thailand for a long time.

Where would you take your Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition next?

This camera is suitable for shooting objects in a place that has beautiful sunlight. For example, mountains, sea or grassland. I want you to take a photo with someone you like when the light hits their face. The photo will come out very attractive.

Instant photos taken by Gongkan with the Lomo'Instant Gongkan Edition

Are there any upcoming projects of yours that you would like to share? Please invite our readers.

This camera is a limited edition and I intend to work on this piece to convey how we go out and see the beauty of the world. This camera makes us want to go out and capture the beauty of the moment that we meet. I want everyone to use this camera happily.

For more of Gongkan's illustrations and paintings, visit his Instagram and website.

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Lomo’Instant Camera and Lenses Gongkan Edition

Dive between dimensions and discover the experimental features of this creative instant camera, designed in collaboration with renowned Thai pop-art artist, Gongkan.

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