Photographic Fragments of the Spooky and Abandoned


As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, with Halloween, the Day of the Dead and similar celebrations just around the corner, the thriller-lovers in us inevitably seek the uncanny and supernatural. What better way to spend these days exploring urban ruins and desolated areas? Plenty of our Lomographers constantly embark on a journey to uncover spooky secrets and historical mysteries of their respective local areas. Here’s an analogue gallery of abandoned places that might inspire your next photo walk this autumn and the coming winter.

A Pilgrimage in Kalwaria

On an occult pilgrimage, photographer @moongrowl and friends once visited an abandoned chapel in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland. Shot in black and white, the photos were developed with some antique effects that further enhance the creepy quality of the place.

Credits: moongrowl

A Graveyard Shift

These grainy black and white panoramas of a Catholic cemetery in Gulang Yu, China that journalist and globetrotter @wil6ka revisited are instantly spine-chilling. A time passes by, the abandoned graveyard ages along with nature and continues to be tucked in and camouflaged by the earth. A state of shock and dread might be warranted for the faint-hearted. passerby — so be sure to tag your friends along!

Credits: wil6ka

Exploring a Deserted Saltworks in Bulgaria

Lomographer @rivermantis’ urban exploration in an abandoned saltworks in Bulgaria holds some stories and mysteries. Based on the details found in these photos, what do you think happened to this place?

Credits: rivermantis

An Old Factory in Svalbard

Another one of @wil6ka’s explorations is an abandoned factory in the polar station of Ny-Ålesund. This time, the devil’s in the details as he focuses on the objects left in the factory. Like old artifacts, they tell the past of this forsaken factory.

Credits: wil6ka

A Horrifying History in Encore Garden

The Encore Garden in the outskirts of Taichung, Taiwan has a tragic story behind it. Once one of the most popular amusement parks and attractions in Taiwan, the park was met by an earthquake that devastated more than a hundred thousand and took more than 2,000 lives. The park reopened but couldn’t jump back to its full glory, which led to an eventual close of the Encore Garden. Lomographer @chappelow shot these relics in full color with the Lomography Color Negative 120 100 and the LC-A 120.

Credits: chappelow

Decaying Buildings in Brandenburg

Lomographer @urbantristesse’s LomoChrome Metropolis photos of their urban exploration in Brandenburg, Germany are extra solemn and clandestine as the deteriorating buildings are being tucked in by the verdant groves and thickets.

Credits: urbantristesse

written by cielsan on 2021-11-06


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    chappelow ·

    Taiwan not Thailand

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    most popular amusement parks and attractions in Thailand*

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