Envisioning Tranquility: Suntur on Designing the Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition

Thai artist and illustrator Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul, a.k.a. Suntur is known for his clean, minimalist paintings and meaningful details from nature. Peace and elegance are easily seen and felt thanks to his acuity for symmetry and color -- all patiently applied and drawn into the details. He uses his serene aesthetics while designing the Lomo'Instant Automat through his artwork from a recent exhibition, "A Little Letter from Someone, Somewhere". Learn more about how Suntur designed the Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition in this interview.

Portraits of Suntur; Photo of Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition; third photo taken by Ko

Could you tell us more about Suntur? How did it start?

I started working as an artist about 10 years ago. I have loved drawing since I was young and I have had the opportunity to study art in university. It makes me feel very passionate about it. So, I started working on art seriously, from illustration to fine art until now.

You have been working on art for a long time. Do you think It's hard to find your current signature style? How do you find that?

Actually, my work is continuously changing as well. It's like my artwork grows with me. My work has evolved and developed all the time but every artwork still hides my identity inside. So, when you are always drawing a lot, It will help you to find your own style. You may discover a color palette that you like or the composition that you frequently choose to work unintentionally. They all express who you are.

Besides creating artwork, Do you have other hobbies?

Watching movies, listening to music, cooking, and shopping. My hobbies aren’t different from others.

Does the Covid-19 situation affect you since it's been around two years already in Thailand? How do you adapt to the pandemic?

It affects me. It also impacts my job and my commercial work. I think the hardest thing is to struggle with stress so that I should adapt to a new normal lifestyle. I couldn't go outside and didn't meet people. So, I try to use this free time for mostly painting and try new different types of works. Recently, I've been doing a lot of painting work.

Portrait of Suntur

Could you please tell us more about your latest exhibition 'A Little Letter From Someone Somewhere'?

This is my second exhibition which is held in Thailand. It shows my paintings and collaboration with sounds from Thai artists. The project displays my 25 artworks matched with 25 sounds. It starts from the idea that If a painting becomes a sound 'How do the photos feel?', 'Will the photos be in a different mood with human thought?'. So, I began to invite various artists to express the artwork into sound and we also invited the audience to be intimate with them in their own way.

Artworks from A Little Letter From Someone, Somewhere: A Little Letter From Someone, Somewhere, Can I Wait, Time Has No Power, Happy Hours by Suntur

_'Fear Less, Smile More'_, which is one of the 25 artworks in the exhibition, was a collaboration with the band Safe Planet. Why did you choose music from this band for this particular artwork?

When I finish paintings, some artists will pop up in my mind that I think are suitable for my work. I will send some photos to the artist to choose the photos that they like. For example, maybe there are three photos that I think are suitable for this band. Then I will send it to the artist to choose which one that they like the most.

Could you please tell us about the concept of your painting, “Fear Less, Smile More”, and why you choose this piece for Lomo’Instant Automat Suntur edition?

I painted this photo to remind me of life. The concept is you can face your fears without any worries and enjoy life. I chose the giraffe as a symbol to remind us that we may not be familiar with it, but we can make friends with it. I also chose this photo for the Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur edition because I thought it fits well with Lomography -- we try not to think too much about taking photos. It's for fun!

Fear Less, Smile More by Suntur; portrait of Suntur with the Lomo’Instant Automat Suntur Edition by Ko

Could you tell us about your experience while shooting with your Lomo'Instant Automat?

The Lomo'Instant Automat is very easy to use. Actually, I hardly use instant cameras. After I tried it, I felt like I could concentrate before pressing the shutter button because the photos can't be deleted later and I don't want to waste the films. So I’m really careful about it. I also really love the feeling of waiting to see 'How each picture will turn out?', 'How's the color is OK?', 'The photo will be sharp?' and 'How's the composition is great?' So I think it's fun to take instant photos.

What's were the subjects you took of with the Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition? What is your favorite photo?

Actually, I can’t go outside as much these days. Sometimes I took some pictures when I was out to work while in this Covid situation. Most of the photos are taken in my studio and If I have a chance to go out, I also carry it to take some photos too. The fact is I like trees but I didn't go outside to see the trees. So, the photo that I like the most is the one with the tree. This photo reminds me of why I can't go outside.

Photos by Suntur, taken with the Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition

Where would you take your Lomo'Instant Automat Suntur Edition next?

I really want to take the photos in Japan but I could wait until the Covid ends.

How do you see the art community and yourself in the next ten years?

I think there will be a lot of new things going on. For example, NFT is something new in the art community. In ten years there will be a lot of new interesting stuff.

Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to share? Please invite our readers.

This is the first time that my drawing appears on camera. Please support me with this project and if anyone is interested, you can get my camera.

For more of Suntur's illustrations and paintings, visit his Instagram and website.

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