AyaLinus and Luteolin's Natural and Industrial Scenery with the Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens

In this article, we talked to AyaLinus, who discovered this lens during a LomoWalk in Shanghai, and first-time-user Luteolin, who used our Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens for some adventurous landscapes. Let's have a look at their work!

Photos by Luteolin and AyaLinus created with Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens

Please introduce yourself to everyone.

Luteolin: I am an electrical engineer, and I live in Chengdu. I am a photography enthusiast.

AyaLinus: I am from Nanjing, Vlogger & Freelancer. Created many issues about film photography.

Luteolin & AyaLinus

What is the theme of this creation?

Luteolin: This time I shot a deserted mine pit hidden in the city. The original intention of shooting is that the scenery here is very pleasant. This ultra-wide lens captures the scenery just to capture its magnificent beauty.

AyaLinus: This time I shot the natural scenery in northern Xinjiang. In a wide natural scenery scene, having an ultra-wide lens couldn't be more appropriate.

AyaLinus used theFantome Kino 8

How does this lens feel?

AyaLinus: Before shooting, I thought its imaging would be similar to the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 32mm f/2.8 art lens with a special style. I didn't expect much in terms of image quality. But the final film tells me that it has an excellent performance in terms of sharpness, distortion, and color.

"This is a wide-angle lens that is worth taking with you at any time."
AyaLinus created with Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens

What is the difference between this lens when used on a digital camera and on film?

Luteolin: After switching to digital and using it, the center image quality is very good and there is no distortion. In addition, this lens is very suitable for shooting Vlog after switching to digital.

Any tips to share when using the Atoll Art Lens

Luteolin: Try to use an aperture above 5.6. It is very convenient to take pictures.

AyaLinus: If you want the classic Lomo effect, remember to use the big aperture.

Luteolin created with Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Art Lens

Thank you AyaLinus and Luteolin for sharing your works!

written by 2k on 2021-10-15

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