Lomography Collaborates with Revela’T Contemporary Analog Photography Festival 2021

For its 9th edition, Revela’T festival is hosting 38 exhibitions in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona, Spain) and spread over different areas of the municipality, plus many more activities such as talks and workshops. There are two special workshops in collaboration with Lomography: one is focused on Low ISO films with our Babylon Kino 13 ISO and Fantôme 8 ISO and another on mastering the Petzval 80.5 Art Lens and it’s bokeh effects.

The motto of this year's edition is OWN UNIVERSES, intending to show more personal works where each one can teach their own universe. The exhibitions will be open without interruption from September 18 to October 12 and many different activities will take place: talks, workshops, and exhibitions. Every weekend there will be parallel recreational activities such as gymkhanas, photowalk, etc.

Clockwise from top right: © Georges Giorgiou, © Gianluca Mastrocinque and © Montse Campins

Revela’T is an international photographic festival that was born in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona in 2013 and is positioned as an international benchmark in contemporary analog photography. It is intended to be a meeting point for fans of photography and especially for fans of analogue photography. Revela-T does not want to give up anything, but is committed to photographic procedures that require a more time and a relaxed look, as well as to share experiences, knowledge, establish contact and synergies with other people, institutions and projects.

Revela-T brings together the dreamers, the mavericks, the intrepid, the tireless, and those who are not afraid to try and explore different ways to experiment with photography.

Clockwise from top right: © Ilan Wolf, © Jan C. Schlegel and © Isabel Muñoz

The program includes exhibitions by Spanish authors such as Leonor Benito de la Lastra, with her particular fragmented view of the world; Veronica Losantos, with a photographic essay on a village flooded by the creation of a reservoir; Aleydis Rispa, with experimental photographs that give a new existence to the waste; Susana Blasco, with a selection of analogue collages made with found photos of models from the 50s; Kati Riquelme, with photos printed in tea bags, or Montse Campins, with a panoramic image put together with several snapshots taken over the years on the same street in Barcelona.

Clockwise from top right: © Leonor Benito de la Lastra, © Max Donoso and © Marc Àvila

Internationally, Revela’T will feature the work of photographers such as Laura Pannack (UK), with an exhibition that seeks similarities and connections between young people around the world; Lucia Peluffo (Argentina), with a work inspired by scientific images of the human body, and Giovanna Zuccarino, with a series of photographs of the Moon taken with the first telescope that arrived in Argentina in 1882; or the Japanese Miho Kajioka, who shows beauty in everyday life, Eri Makita, who shows the transformation of things that have been lost, and Ai Futaki, a freediver, and photographer who uses free diving as a tool to convert is on the bridge between the underwater world and the human world.

The festival will also pay tribute to the renowned photographer Isabel Muñoz (Barcelona, ​​1951), National Photography Award 2016, and PHotoESPAÑA 2021 Award, with the exhibition “Somos agua”, an exhibition on global warming. The author will receive the Revela’T silver badge and will be in charge of giving the inaugural conference of the festival on Friday 24 September.

Other venues of the festival will be in Barcelona, ​​Vic, Mataró, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Torroella de Montgrí, Premià de Mar, Cádiz and Villanueva de la Serena.

Portraits, Scientific Photos and Historical Recreations

In addition, Revela'T will present portraits of well-known and unknown people in Instant format by Margarito Dela Guetto, portraits made in Valparaíso by Chilean photographer Max Donoso and the 48 portraits made from the entrance of his house during the confinement of the photographer Bruno Daureo; the photographic correspondence made for a year and under the premise of the phrase “We also went to catechesis” by Los Llovbet, the tandem formed by Alex Llovet and Josep Maria de Llobet; the scientific photographs on electric shocks by Ricardo Guixà Frutos and the collaboration between the photographer Ralf Jacobs and the engineer Max Frimout, in which one generates sounds with instruments and the other shows them using a laser and photographic techniques; images of different species living in the ocean by German Jan C. Schlegel; the series inspired by the African continent by the canary Ricardo Montesdeoca; the experimentation and exploration of the chiaroscuro by Georgian photographer Giorgi Shengelia; the recreation through photographs of the last moments of the dancer and spy Mata-Hari, by the photographer Santos Montes; the current recreations of the childhood experiences of Fernando Flores Huecas and the 3D photographs of 19th and 20th century stereoscopic viewfinders and cameras photographed by 3D Magic Club Barcelona.

These authors join the exhibitions already announced: the English photographer George Georgiou will exhibit "Americans Parade", a series about celebrations in the United States after the victory of Donald Trump; the Japanese Sohei Nishino will surprise with his famous large-format diorama maps created from thousands of landscape photographs; Ilan Wolff, one of the world's leading specialists in the Darkroom, will exhibit photographs taken for more than 20 years with cameras created by himself and Paco Gomez will show "Wattebled", a life story discovered in negatives he bought in the Trail of Madrid.

Here you can find all the details regarding the Low ISO films Workshop.
Visit the Festival's website and Instagram profile.

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