Cinzia and Gabriel: Capturing Beauty and Spontaneity in Nature


Behind @cinziagabrielph are two freelance artists based in the province of Bari, Italy. Cinzia favors classic art and is fascinated with photography; Gabriel prefers avant-garde and experiments with various forms of digital art. Together, they utilize their common love and passion for visual arts by creating effortlessly elegant images.

Credits: cinziagabrielph

Cinzia's introduction to film photography started four years ago, when she accidentally found her father's Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom. In the beginning, she shot landscape photographs, and started experimenting with portraiture as she expanded her equipment with Lomography, Instant, and SLR cameras.

"The idea of being able to stop a moment in its complete uniqueness, knowing that it will never be able to recreate it with the same light, the same grain is the reason why I love analog photography. The film gives a unique freedom of expression, it gives me the opportunity to experiment and create unique shots."
Credits: cinziagabrielph

Their portfolio is a mix of postcard-perfect nature photographs and fashionable portraits. The creative duo loves exploring their territory, seeking places of particular beauty, the sea in particular. The diversity of nature inspires them: observing the colors, movements, shapes, and seasons. Cinzia, as a daughter of a seamstress, shares that as a child, she enjoyed the advantage of learning about fabric and materials, seeing how clothes were created. This instilled a passion for fashion.

"I'm inspired by the most abstract and futuristic creations of the great contemporary designers who transmit their vision of beauty through atypical shapes, fabrics and alternative materials, thus breaking their canons."

Looking at Cinzia and Gabriel's photos, the viewer gets a sense of effortlessness. They plan their shoots in advance—from choosing the subjects and outfits to scouting locations.

"We always try to put our subject at ease to capture its complete spontaneity and naturalness. The location is almost always surrounded by nature and the light is always the natural one of the sun. We focus a lot on the fusion of the various colors that play an important role in all our shots, they help us to enhance the subject and emphasize the emotion we want to convey to the observer."
Credits: cinziagabrielph
"I'm looking for naturalness, because everything starts from Nature. We are part of it, which is why I like to integrate women in a totally free and solitary environment such as a remote beach, a small forest or a desolate field. Spontaneity is the element I look for in each of my subjects, I'm captured by the beauty of each face I portray and by the strength of their gaze."

To see more of Cinzia and Gabriel's photos, visit their LomoHome, Behance portfolio, MakersPlace and PhotoVogue.

written by shhquiet on 2021-09-19

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