Analogue Only — a Photo Gallery by @bitgraphy

Shooting strictly with film is a challenge. It's been like that in the past and it will continue to be one in the future. There are no do-overs once you hit the shutter.

Credits: bitgraphy

That's a challenge that our community members choose to take and we couldn't be more proud of them for it. @bitgraphy is a good example. He shoots exclusively on film and has gotten great with portraits as we can see here in this photo gallery. His photographs are a showcase of talent and shooting styles. The way they are mixed up, how they are taken, and the mood that they are giving off is done beautifully. Perfect practice makes perfect sense.

Credits: bitgraphy

See more photos from @bitgraphy at his LomoHome.

written by cheeo on 2021-09-29 #people #places #photo-gallery #portraits #bitgraphy

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