Speckled, Colored, Painted — a Photo Gallery by @annika_schwermut


You already know that analogue experiments are most welcome in our community. That's why we are thrilled to have found this album by one of our very own community members, @annika_schwermut!

Credits: annika_schwermut

Annika gave her already beautiful prints an extra dash of creative flair by painting them. The result is a collection of photographs that looks just as home in a painter's canvas as it would in a photo album. We're loving the creativity behind this project and we just can't stress this enough—experiment with your work and explore! You just never know when you'll hit gold and discover an art style that will suit you. Big thanks to @annika_schwermut for sharing with us her speckled, colored, and painted art works. Your art is simply inspiring!

Credits: annika_schwermut

written by cheeo on 2021-09-26 #people #places #painting #photo-gallery #mixed-media #annika_schwermut


  1. annika_schwermut
    annika_schwermut ·

    I feel honored. Thank you so much! <3

  2. birgitbuchart
    birgitbuchart ·

    I love these! <3

  3. mrlostsoul
    mrlostsoul ·

    These are so cool - great work !

  4. agrimony
    agrimony ·


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