Come as You Are — a Photo Gallery by @sobermind

The first thing you'll see when you land at the Lomohome of @sobermind are these words: "No photoshop. Just take and upload." We don't know about you but we dig that kind of description.

Credits: sobermind

It's a welcome sign for anyone who follows the "Don't think, just shoot" mindset. We love that our community members still enjoy this style of photography—off-the-cuff and unfiltered. It just goes to show that film continues to thrive and that photography isn't an interference in your life but rather a part of it (we wonder where we've heard that one before.) We'd have to thank @sobermind for sharing all their beautiful and exciting analogue shots with the community. These really do take us back to the carefree days filled with adventure and analogue experimentation.

Credits: sobermind

written by cheeo on 2021-09-11 #people #places #snapshots #photo-gallery #spontaneous #sobermind

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