A Glimpse Into Angela Izzo's Imagination with the LomoChrome Purple

Angela Izzo is a Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker known for her dreamy and psychedelic aesthetics. In our previous features of her, she proved she's no stranger to experimenting with her art. She's here again to share what she does best - transcending reality and giving us a glimpse into her imagination, through this ethereal photo series with our LomoChrome Purple.

Photos by Angela Izzo

Hey Angela, a pleasure to have you back! How has 2021 been treating you?

Happy to be back! I am a creative junkie so I've been keeping busy on my own projects and photoshoots, staying as active as I can. 2021 has been touch and go in the live event industry, however, I have stayed productive with other kinds of shoots such as music videos, fashion, and corporate, focusing my energies where I can have more control of the environment.

What was your inspiration behind this photo series?

I like to combine people and environments and then add a surreal spin to the scene. It’s about creating an alternative palette that feels custom and dream-like. The purple film works well to bring out the alternative and dreamlike portraiture and the quirky artists and settings we travel to. So the inspiration, the technique, and the results are more circular than linear, each one feeds on the other.

Photos by Angela Izzo

How do you get your models to pose the way they do?

With most of my models, I’ve built a trusting relationship by doing a series of shoots. So instead of just a one-off, there’s a continuity we build with multiple shoots, and we develop a communication channel that goes both ways. As they see the results, we exchange ideas for the next one. I let them be a part of the creative process and I welcome their feedback, so they trust me most with how they are presented, and they open up more in front of the camera. I vibe with them on the location we are at and I let them participate in how they interact with the environment.

Photos by Angela Izzo

How did you use LomoChrome Purple to create your aesthetics?

I get bored with the normal color palette so I like to push myself to create images that are more surreal. That's why I bring multiple cameras and load them with different film stocks to create altered color palettes.

How did you create the panoramic shots? What was your inspiration for those?

This is a custom technique that I’ve developed over the years. I especially love creating this style while shooting portraits and natural landscapes, it reminds me of a motion picture, adding movement to still frames. It’s kinda like my secret recipe ;)

Photos by Angela Izzo

Can you tell us the story behind your favorite photo out of the series?

One of my favorites is of my friend Alicia Blue where I shot a portrait of her as a sad clown. She has a song “Don’t Tell Me To Smile”, so the song helped inspire me. Originally she wanted to pose in a white blouse and we decided to take it to the next level and transform her into a stylized clown. The way I shot it with the Lomo film and cameras created a timeless piece that echoes the emotion of the character.

Photos by Angela Izzo

What are your top three must-have items at your photoshoot?

Different film stocks, at least 4 cameras, and some prisms.

What’s your next challenge/experiment?

I recently did a shoot with my designer friend Clare Bare. She’s developing a line of transgender lingerie and Rain Lucien Matheke who is a fine artist and performer modeled for this series. She is in my doc series “The Benders Circuit” and I am looking forward to this new collaboration between the three of us.

Make sure to follow Angela through her Instagram and website.

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