Mini 110 Dreamscapes by moongrowl

Creating your fantasies are as simple and easy with the size of the pocket as Lomographer Patryk Klimkowicz a.k.a. moongrowl recently captured these colorful sceneries that came straight out of our reveries.

Credits: moongrowl

“Aliens, psychedelia and experiments” are what fuel Patryk’s passion for film, and the photographer emphasizes constantly in the unassuming pocket-sized format. He has a particular and special affection for the 110 format, even dedicating a separate Instagram account for his colorful and layered 110 shots.

The photographs are mostly drenched in purple, some images having contrasting yet complimentary palettes looks tinges of golden yellow or electric green.

Credits: moongrowl

Most of his shots are taken with the Minolta 110 Zoom DLR and Diana Baby, the latter even more popular for creating trippy and surreal shots — grainy texture, natural vignettes, vivid colors and stark contrasts.

Credits: moongrowl

For more Patryk’s work, visit his Instagram and LomoHome.

written by cielsan on 2021-09-30

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