A Gallery of Cinematic Panoramas by Steven Wong

Lomographer Steven Wong a.k.a. stevenwong0815 teaches us the importance of framing with panoramic shots, and how they can make a silent yet strong impact to our senses.

Credits: stevenwong0815

A photo speaks a thousand words, and good images have several stories to tell. Steven Wong is a known Urban Explorer among the Lomography Community, capturing hidden stories in the streets. One of his signature styles is using the panoramic format, relying on details and thoughtful composition. Using his knowledge on light, symmetry, balance of space and color, each wide shot look like they came straight out of the movies.

Credits: stevenwong0815

Check out these photos from Steven using the Berlin Kino film for the classic monochromatic cinema vibe. Black and white panoramas are extra amazing when shooting scenes with more details and objects, unifying the clutter with the absence of color.

Credits: stevenwong0815

For more of Steve’s work, visit his LomoHome and Instagram.

written by cielsan on 2021-09-17 #people #street-photography #panoramas #steven-wong

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