Creative Action Photography with the Fantôme Kino Film by Norbi Whitney

In a prevoius interview with Norbi Whitney, he expressed his love for circus performance artists and buildings through analogue. Now, he’s back with a new, breathtaking and majestic series of circus artists captured on the Fantôme Kino film.

Credits: norbi

The Fantôme Kino film is an intricate one to use due to its low ISO. Intended for a more artistic and experimental approach in composition, when done right, the film rewards its users some of the most majestic and dramatic shots that are on a par with film noir stills.

In this series, Norbi experimented with a slow shutter while the circus artists performed in Berlin’s streets. A white gossamer-like ring surrounds Kathrin, a ring juggler. Dancer Marica appears like the wind personified as her entire body on the photos is in motion blur. Arisa, the contortionist, looks as if mimicking the wings of a butterfly with her legs as she does a handstand.

Many of Norbi’s images trace the shape of the artists’ movements, rendering a magical interpretation to the shots.

Credits: norbi

Norbi was also able to showcase the versatility of the Fantôme Kino film with photos that seemed to be captured on a more normal shutter speed. And yet, they remain just as equally dramatic. The blacks are deep and rich, immediately shifting away from brighter grays and whites. This sharpness balances out the inherent softness of the Fantôme Kino.

To learn more about the behind-the-scenes of Norbi’s series, watch his video.

Credits: norbi

For more of Norbi’s works, visit his Instagram and LomoHome.

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