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Maria Georgiadou (aka @fisheyemary) shares that she has always shot with film—after all, there were no other options in the '80s and '90s. Initially, she was just shooting holidays snapshots for years when digital photography came along. She decided to take photography lessons when she got her first compact camera and returned to shooting analogue about three years later.

"I love the organic feel of film—the colors, the aesthetics, the whole anticipation and not knowing what I shot until they are developed! I am always more aware of whatever I choose to shoot and always pay more attention to framing, light metering, etc. because limited shots mean you cannot shoot like crazy. You have to be more careful and value every single click!"
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Maria's enthusiasm for film photography is truly admirable. At least a month before she travels, she takes a good look at her camera closet and ponders which ones she'll take with her. She thinks about the places she'll go to and try to match them with at least three cameras.

"I am forever dreaming of which films I would get, which film cameras should I take to this photowalk or my vacation and travels. As a matter of fact, it's one of my favorite things to think about! I study other photographers' works, I stay in touch with almost everything! Film photography is in my life and mind even when not shooting!"
Credits: fisheyemary

In her LomoHome bio, Maria listed her analogue arsenal including a variety of Lomography cameras. She discovered our community in 2010 through her photography teacher, Giannis Voulgarakis, who arrived in class with photos taken with the Lomo LC-A. Maria did her research and fell in love—along with the Holga, her very first Lomography camera was the Sprocket Rocket.

"Sometimes, panoramas are the best format for travel shots and Sprocket Rocket provides this at an affordable cost. I am a fan of plastic lenses of course, so that's a plus for me. Also, the sprockets are fabulous and they always remind me of how much I love film! Plus, you never know you have taken her with you, it is such a light weighted camera."

Her recent escapade with the Sprocket Rocket was during the quarantine days of March 2021. She and her boyfriend took long walks in the city, rediscovering it as tourists. In the process, she rediscovered the Sprocket Rocket too, since she hasn't used it in a long while. Since then, it's the camera that she has used the most, and looking at the photos made her remember with fondness the time she spent with her boyfriend.

"Even though they were tough days with strict limitations in our lives, somehow, looking at these photos makes me grateful for my (and my loved ones') health. I certainly enjoyed the fact that I got to see my city with panoramic vision!"
Credits: fisheyemary

For future Sprocket Rocket users, Maria shares a bit of advice:

"Before you shoot, take a good look through the viewfinder. If possible, try to walk around and just look through the viewfinder (be safe of course!). Not all photography subjects are suitable for panoramic shots, so take your time and allow yourself to find a new way of visualizing reality. Sprocket Rocket is an extremely friendly camera, really easy to use, and trustworthy. Learn how to pay attention to the white dot showing you that it's ok to proceed to the next shot, otherwise you may miss one or more clicks; I learned it the hard way. That is unless you are looking for multiple exposures! But if you aren't, pay attention to the dot and then you will have 18-19 superb panoramas. Most of all, have fun and discover a new way of looking at things!"

To see more of Maria's photos, please check out her LomoHome.

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