Volgograd, May 2021 — a Photo Gallery by @ogonek


Community member @ogonek shares with us a glimpse of life in Volgograd, Russia as people start to slowly come out of their homes to bask in the sun.

Credits: ogonek

Vivid colors, bright sunlight, and people enjoying a nice day out, these shots show us how we can all bounce back from a global crisis. While beautiful, the scenes somehow still look surreal considering everything that happened in the past year.

Credits: ogonek

The city of Volgograd has a history of getting back up from a major setback. This was the site of the Battle of Stalingrad—a decisive battle that turned the tides of war in favor of Russia as they drove out German forces from the city. A statue was erected in modern-day Volgograd to commemorate that battle which lasted for six grueling months. It was called 'The Motherland Calls' as a tribute to those who fell in Stalingrad.

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