How to Use Tall Frames with the Sprocket Rocket


The Sprocket Rocket will never go out of style when it comes to the coveted Lomo-look in landscape orientation, but there's even more flair and potential to be had with this camera by simply tilting this camera to 90°. Here are a few vertical frame ideas to try with the Sprocket Rocket.

Credits: fartstorm, bastien_grivet, oleman & flowerpetalsofdoom

Full-Shot Portraits

Get the full figure of your subjects head-to-toe, especially when you're trying to also highlight outfits and frames. The Sprocket Rocket camera's 106° field of view is sure to encompass all details you wouldn't want to miss in your portraiture. Try shooting with half-body portraits too, giving more room for your backgrounds to set the mood of the image.

Credits: stereograph, bcartwright, clickiemcpete & ciuffo

Heightened Panoramas

There's always something elegant about vertical landscapes. With the Sprocket Rocket camera's 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio, there's more focus on the layers between the foreground and background, giving a kind of depth to the image. Utilize various natural elements to frame the subject of your landscapes.

Credits: stereograph & 4ifos

Structure Photography

Grand works of architecture get a lot of boost with a super wide-angle shot on portrait orientation. They look even taller, more massive, foreboding by giving more focus on the height. The Sprocket Rocket camera easily makes the world look bigger.

Credits: kleeblatt, fisheyemary & vedmak

Extra Vintage Vistas

The Sprocket Rocket camera is unique for its natural ability to expose rolls of film with the sprocket holes appearing. Amplify the vintage cinema vibe further and experiment with your shots! There's plenty of room to add light leaks and vignettes. Play with saturation and contrast too for an even more retro aesthetic. These photos honestly look like handcrafted and painted bookmarks, if you ask us!

Credits: memorymemory, ofchanceandchoice, fisheyemary & troch

How would you use a vertical frame with the Sprocket Rocket? Share your photos in the comments below!

written by cielsan on 2021-09-25

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