Family Day at the Pool


MY family visiting from Ottawa and us, were invited to our friends pool. A normal small talk sunday turned colourful xpro fun. There was at least fifteen of us (therefore at least 6 or 7 iphones and blackberries sitting in the shade), and of all ages

. I had been at my friends house with the krab before, and it attracted some interest; people were confused by the red monster covering the curious camera i brought over. But after they got over the fear, my lc-a+ dressed in red, became one more in the sunny afternoon; everyone wanted to pose for it. It was my first time using slide film, so i decided to go a bit experimental and a bit safe; i used a bit of dock tape and made up a splitzer.

I caught some pool fun. My dad and uncle striking poses underwater, my cousin and i being playful, my friends fighting and shooting water everywhere.

I caught some cultural moments too. My uncle is a talented musician, and before we knew it he was playing the guitar making us sing some Beatles and some old Argentinean tunes we all remember from our childhoods.

My family is now back in Ottawa. My two friends are moving to Toronto, and summer will be gone, sadly, before we know it. The colour expression of the slide film in my lc-a+ will make this photo-memories vivid and more real than any other camera could. Xpro reflects what that day felt like.

written by samistardust on 2010-09-07 #places #summer #pool #family #location #krab #lc-a #travel-destination


  1. wallflowersforjane
    wallflowersforjane ·

    amazing set! :)

  2. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    cool! I like photo #3 =)

  3. leablezer
    leablezer ·

    amazing photo! love folwers!

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