Vintage Elegance in the Photography of Efe Ersoy


Based in Istanbul, Lomographer Efe Ersoy, a.k.a. solinvictus, is an aficionado of using expired films in color photography. With his reliable cameras, he creates seamless and refined shots that equalize the unpredictability of expired rolls.

Credits: solinvictus

When it comes to portraiture, it's all about translating a mood or emotion into visual elements. Efe goes by the language of light and colors. Each shot has a particular palette that paints the atmosphere of the image. To achieve this, the photographer loves to shoot with expired films of any formula. Plenty of expired films behave in generally undesirable ways like underexposure or inaccurate tonality (especially in color negatives), yet Efe makes magic out of these qualities with thoughtful composition and mastery of light.

Credits: solinvictus

He also experienced shooting with expired Lomography Color Negative 800 and Lomography X-Pro Slide 200, rendering some very interesting and unique color swatches as shown in these photos. The nostalgic quality of the analogue aesthetic is enhanced, simply by the maturity of the film formula.

Credits: solinvictus

For more of Efe's works, visit his Instagram and LomoHome!

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