Visual Poetry — Tender Snapshots by ma-saman

In photography, even simple things and scenes can become meaningful. The objects, places, people around us all have meaning to our lives, and each of us sees them uniquely. Japan-based Lomographer ma-saman shares how they see such subjects and puts a sentimental and romantic flair to the ordinary, mundane scenes of daily life.

Credits: ma-saman

If real life could be like old movies, everyday would probably look like this. The vintage aesthetic is a coveted one, and sa-man has perfected this by applying these qualities to their daily life. Expired films, especially black-and-white, are part of their creative arsenal to form their visually poetic gallery. Even in their color photographs, the vintage aesthetic persists as they often opt for a rustic, worn-out vibe.

Credits: ma-saman

There’s a lot of emphasis on hands and feet, often grainy, soft-focused and dramatically-lit. The way they are portrayed are rather mysterious and expressive. Subjects like plants and flowers enhance the romanticism of their curated LomoHome.

Credits: ma-saman

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written by cielsan on 2021-10-07 #places

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