A Study in Composition — Photo Gallery by @alex_pellicer


Planning your shots before you actually hit the shutter is a good exercise if you want to improve your skill in photography.

Credits: alex_pellicer

The ability to visualize an image and transform it into a photograph is pretty much something that @alex_pellicer has mastered. His composition technique is just beyond remarkable and the resulting images are what you can expect from a skilled photographer—dynamic and visually striking. Alex has a way of piecing different visual elements together and framing them in a way that stimulates your brain as you look at them. When you're this good, it's hard to pass things off as coincidences. Thank you for sharing your work with the community, Alex!

Credits: alex_pellicer

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written by cheeo on 2021-08-30 #people #spain #photo-gallery #composition #zaragoza #alex_pellicer

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