Snapshots from the Boudoir: Still Life, Mirror Selfies and Cats with Corinne Camiade

Marseille-based Lomographer Corinne Camiade a.k.a. corrine-camiade gives us unique scenes and compositions on her private dressers, vanity tables, and nightstands.

Credits: corinne-camiade

The tradition of boudoir photography has evolved significantly. Once upon a time, it was a kind of photography in which the intimate photographs of women in their bedrooms were considered taboo. Now, boudoir is so much more than that. Many women photographers now use the art to empower and enrich themselves.

Some use it as a personal diary as well, just like how Corinne does in these photographs. Her boudoir shots are not just about her, but also of private things that she loves and cherishes. Her feline friend, flowers, books, vinyl records, cameras, perfume bottles, and photo frames are just among the things that she shot. The contrasts are stark, and the colors are vivid. Many of them are also shot up-close. One could easily tell that she holds these things dearly by the way she intimately captures and frames them.

Credits: corinne-camiade

The mirror is also one of Corinne's favorite things. Not only does she take selfies with it, but also uses it for her creative compositions for still life, reflecting items and things that can be seen from the table, or from the other side of the room. Corinne is highly inspired by the works of French photographers André Josselin, Théo Gosselin and Maud Chalard.

Credits: corinne-camiade

Check out Corinne's Instagram, website and LomoHome for more of her photography!

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