Lomography Partners: Brooklyn Film Camera of New York, USA


Come one, come all. Lomography has partners all over the world to help serve your analogue needs. If you're from the US then it's your lucky day! We're featuring our New York-based stockist Brooklyn Film Camera in today's installment of Lomography Partners.

© Brooklyn Film Camera

Can you introduce yourself to the Lomography community?

We are Brooklyn Film Camera, an analogue camera shop in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. We restore and sell film cameras of all sorts but are known for our Polaroid restoration work in particular.

What does analogue mean to you?

Practicing art in an analogue way means using all five senses the whole way through. We feel this is a very important part of human life and human creativity. It just simply feels better! Touching the film gently with your fingers as you load it, enjoying the beautiful sight through the viewfinder as you frame the image, hearing the gentle click of the shutter and the boom of the mirror, smelling the chemistry as you develop your film, and finally holding your precious negatives in your hands. Engaging all of our five wonderful human senses throughout the creative process of analogue photography is a beautiful thing indeed!

© Kyle Depew of Brooklyn Film Camera

What does Lomography mean to you?

To us, Lomography means embracing the experimental! Embracing the delightful joys of analogue wonder!

Why do you choose to work with Lomography?

We work with Lomography because they have remained an enormously strong player in the film photography world for decades now. Lomography remains an incredibly innovative company within the industry, and delights us (and the rest of the community) with new cameras, lenses, and films each and every year.

© Brooklyn Film Camera

What is your favorite Lomography product and why?

We have become recently enamored with Lomography Metropolis film. It's such a gorgeous stock. The way it subtly desaturates colors, mutes tones, but holds deep contrast is so much fun. Unlike the other Lomochrome films which have a more stylized nature to them, Metropolis is a great everyday stock.

Are you doing any creative projects right now in the shop, or personally? Please tell us more about them.

We will soon be launching a beautiful photo studio right here in Bushwick called Wyckoff Windows. We are currently keeping specific details to a minimum until launch but this will be an enormous step for us and the local photographic community.

Staff of Brooklyn Film Camera

What does the future of analogue photography look like to you? How will this impact your store in the next ten years?

We foresee a continued interest in all analogue means of creativity across the board and film photography is no exception. It simply feels better to create using process-based methods that engage all of our delightful human senses. We anticipate a remaining interest in film photography and plan to be there to assist and enrich the worldwide community every step of the way.

What were the hardships did your shop/lab had to face during the lockdowns, and what kept you going through these hard times?

We are based in NYC which was the most impacted city in the entire United States during the beginning of the pandemic. All non-essential businesses were forced to close for many months and we had to shift to online sales only. This was a rough transition to make but we luckily survived thanks to the support of the community locally and worldwide. Thank you ALL who supported us then and who continue to now. We couldn't have made it without you.

© Brooklyn Film Camera

Vital Information

Official Name: Brooklyn Film Camera
Address: 203 Harrison Place, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Services offered: camera and film sales, camera restoration

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