View of Nordskoven — a Photo Gallery by @boxerclaus

Nordskoven or North Forest is known for its tourist attractions—the oak trees named Storkeegen, Kongeegen, and Snoegen.

Credits: boxerclaus

The lush greens and well-maintained trail make this a great choice for a hike with friends and family. Especially so during warm and sunny days when it's a great time to whip out your film camera to take photos. Community member @boxerclaus took home magnificent shots of their hike around the trail and gladly shared them in an album. It's certainly not a bad idea to de-stress and break away from the troubling times in the city if it's in a place as beautiful as this.

Credits: boxerclaus

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written by cheeo on 2021-08-15 #places #nature #photo-gallery #denmark #boxerclaus #nordskoven

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