Long Lasting Impressions: The Colorful Charm of Lomography Color Negative 800

Classic, colorful, reliable are just a few words to describe the Lomography Color Negative 800, a film with high sensitivity that's versatile for any condition and analogue experimentation. We've talked to a few photographers about their impressions of the film and have them share their work.

Photos by Damu, Flypaper and Chris Liu

Light in High Key with Flypaper

Flypaper is a community member of Lomography and an experienced Lomographer. Recently, he has just taken his favorite film Lomography Color Negative 800 on a trip to Tibet.

“The current range of traditional film products has become smaller and smaller, and many famous films have been discontinued or are facing discontinuation. As a high-speed film with very good performance, Lomo 800 is very cost-effective, and it works well when shooting in low light.”
Photo by Flypaper with Lomography 800

Damu's Vivid Day and Night Shots

Damu is a student in an Italian college studying arts. He usually likes to shoot the street, and occasionally shoot a few sceneries, or create some works according to his own inspiration. He recently used Lomography Color Negative 800 to shoot two series of works.

He likes Lomography Color Negative 800 very much. In his opinion, the film is an adaptable roll: according to the original ISO, you can get a clear picture with clear color, and you can get smoothness and fineness by raising one stop light exposure. His advice to Lomographers who use the film:

"You must try the effect of raising one stop of light exposure! I assure you will get surprising results."
Photo by Da Mu with Lomography 800

Daily Street Shoot with Chris Liu in Color

Chris Liu is a college student and a street photography enthusiast. He likes taking pictures, playing guitar, and watching movies. He likes to go out alone to record what he sees and hears on the street. He always brings a camera when he goes out. Here's what he has to say about the Lomography Color Negative 800.

"I think the Lomography 800 is a high-performance film. Maybe people are not paying much attention due to a lack of publicity. The color and latitude of Lomography 800 film are both very good. Many people compare it with Portra 800. I think in the case of medium format, it is no different from Kodak. As long as the exposure control is good, the effect of Lomography 800 in 120 is not inferior to any films on the market. I have stocked many for daily use. The 800 ISO allows me to change to a smaller aperture to get a greater depth of field, which is convenient for me to capture street shots."
Photo by Chris Liu with Lomography 800

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written by lavenderliao on 2021-07-12

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