Multi-lens Memories: Lomography Actionsampler Photos by @cxy


Previously, we've revisited these Actionsampler and Oktomat galleries by @hanibale and @oukrid. Here's a new set of multi-lensed photos by Xiao aka @cxy, who "loved Lomography at the first sight seeing the Konstruktor." But it seems that this fondness goes all the way to the Actionsampler, one of our earlier fantastic plastic cameras.

Credits: cxy

The Actionsampler belongs to Lomography's classic multi-lensed cameras. Photos taken with the Actionsampler offer many possibilities. You can use an editing software to animate the sequential shots, creating a mini-movie; you can print the photos, trim each frame, and bind them together to make a small flip book. Or, you can look for figures and shapes that'll make an interesting pattern.

Credits: cxy

@cxy shares some thoughts and ideas on how to enjoy the Actionsampler:

"ActionSampler is nothing like other cameras, it is so unique. The four shots being taken within a glimpse enable us to capture the "time" of photos. It is something that normal cameras cannot give. In other hand, the alignment of these four photos would also provide the great opportunity to create some interesting shots with repeating patterns.
To those who haven't been using it for quite a while, it is the time to take another adventure with it, find repeating patterns, moving objects, or even try moving yourself and taking shots at the same time, you may get some unexpected surprise!"
Credits: cxy

Do you have a Lomography multi-lens camera? Take it out this summer and capture some action scenes or pop-art shots!

written by shhquiet on 2021-07-25 #actionsampler #multilens-camera


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