Eye Candy — a Collection of Playful-looking Cameras

We bet it's easy to make people say "cheese" with these eye-catching cameras. In this photo gallery, we go loud as we've gathered some examples of film cameras that go beyond the plain black, silver, and metallic-colored cameras. You know, the plain-looking ones.

Credits: ivan_the_terrible

Why wouldn't anybody flash a big smile in front of these fun-looking snappers, right? Colorful cameras can really make film photography fun for both the photographer and the subject. Not only that, they can be quite the conversation starters. However, you can kiss street photography and discreet shooting goodbye when you're shooting with cameras as interesting-looking as these. You'll really stand out in the crowd with a colorful camera hanging around your neck.

Credits: oleman, akphoto7, wesco & berndtotto

Of course, it would be a missed opportunity to not feature our very own Lomo'Instant Wide William Klein edition and the SUFC Optimistic Ox.

written by cheeo on 2021-07-08 #gear #photo-gallery #film-camera #colorful-cameras

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