Glimpse of Asia — a Photo Gallery by @traicachua

To any avid traveller who's never been to Vietnam, this photo gallery from @traicachua will be quite an inviting view.

Credits: traicachua

Those who are itching to travel to Asia will find Vietnam quite an experience. Imagine the beautiful weather, majestic waters, amazing culture, and warm people all waiting to welcome you as soon as you get off the plane. @traicachua gives us a slice of life in Asia complete with vibrant colors, busy scenes, and the unmistakable puttering of small-displacement motorcycle engines that can be heard just about everywhere. The best part about it is that Vietnam has a lot more to offer than those things. Just be ready to soak up everything when it's safe to travel again.

Credits: traicachua

We would like to thank @traicachua for sharing these awesome snaps with the community.

written by cheeo on 2021-07-31 #people #places #photo-gallery #vietnam #traicachua

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