Ornate Film Portraiture by Carter McMillan


There are many ways in photography to create striking portraits. Some tried and tested methods include setting up clean, smooth backgrounds with expressive poses from subjects, beauty shots, creative editorial photo shoots, and more. However, Lomographer Carter McMillan a.k.a. cartermcmillan has particularly caught our eye with his articulate compositions with his models.

Credits: cartermcmilan

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Carter's portraiture often has something to do with nature --  beads of pearls, stalks and images of flowers, plants, leaves and more often present in the portrait. Some models seem to wear floral lace, in which the garment adds a pop of intricacy and complexity, like rococo designs but with modern and edgier twists. These either come subtly or obviously as he also uses these decorations and embellishments as textures to the image.

Credits: cartermcmilan

He is also fond of shooting in black and white to give these photos a classic noir vibe, leaning more on the grey tones for softer, delicate aesthetics.

Credits: cartermcmilan

Follow Carter on his LomoHome for more of his works.

written by cielsan on 2021-08-21 #people


  1. gurtsternl
    gurtsternl ·

    Lovely bnw shots of the last model. Well done!

  2. kasta72
    kasta72 ·

    very nice!

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