Kodak Press Chrome 100

If you are desperately in love with all the member of the Kodak Elite Chrome family you really should expand your love-universe. The Kodak Press Chrome 100 has some assets to offer, that come close to his stepsisters and stepbrothers. But his unique character will make you jump into this passionate affair with no regrets. Go for it!

Some films are like good wine. The combination of ingredients for the emulsion is important. Maybe there is magic happening or nothing at all. It’s all in the right mix. Like with the old and precious wines you can find rare gems, which disappeared from the market already, because the editions were really small or the brand doesn’t exist no more. If I find a film somewhere, which was totally unknown to me, my heart is pounding and I am very excited to try it out. Therefore I like to buy large amounts, so I have plenty of chances to play with it.

I am a big fan of the Kodak Elite Chrome EB hence I was very pleased to find a film called Kodak Press Chrome 100. The packaging of the box indicates a certain closeness to the family of Elite Chrome. The cartridge itself again has a similarity to all kind of Ektachromes. Maybe this is due to the fact, that my films expired in 2005 and therefore the graphics and production design are made in the end of the last century. Anyway the signs were great that something nice comes out of it. Within my other purchases and internet research I have found quite a range of press films. Those films were generally suitable for pushi processing or they could be used in all kind of weather conditions. I furthermore read in an internet-page that the Press Chrome is based on an older emulsion than the one of the Elite Chrome Range.

About my results: I was very happy and surprised by the slides. The sharpness and details, even more so in the panoramic range, were fantastic. The colours are saturated but not artificial. The green of a lawn is just ideal. The film deals very well with sky and light, which is sometimes with panoramic shots. I reckon the emulsion kind of buffers the light and makes it softer. This kind of reminds me of the screen of the iPhone, which is fantastic, because it makes the pixel smaller – but this is just a comparison.

My X-Pro experiments have been very interesting. I very much like the Elite Chrome EB crossed, but I detest the ED in X-Pro. The Press Chrome is kind of in the middle of both colour-spectrums, that’s why I like him very much. The bandwidth of colours is very big. Indoors with little light it is very similar to the Green-Yellow-Black-Contrasts of the Elite Chrome EB. Outdoors, he becomes much brighter. With a lot of sun he is kind of overexposing. Especially with a lot of space, such as panoramic shots. I think he is ideal with cloudy weather, the colours then tend to be close to a colour print film. Very close to earth-colour, not so saturated, maybe a little bit urban. Therefore it is a good alternative to the many crazy emulsions.

Nonetheless there is quite some variation with the colours and there remains the feeling, that there is a lot to discover with the Press Chrome 100.

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