The Street Spectator: Photos by joypenn


Prior to the pandemic, the streets were always buzzing with the hustle and bustle of people. Crowds were inevitable and the streets were always full of stories. We look back into the work of Nanchong-based Lomographer joypenn, who treats photography similar to people-watching.

Credits: joypenn

The very heart of street photography lies with the people. The humanistic approach to street photography gives not just depth to the image but as well as context and information about the place and culture. In joypenn's photographs, all walks of life found in the urban space are focused on, many of them in the middle of working or doing an activity or errand.

Credits: joypenn

The photographer uses both monochromatic and color negative films, shots using the former having a more voyeuristic, serious look whilst shots taken with the latter has a more candid and straightforward depiction. The framing of the subject is done in such a way the spectator and photographer of these photos seem very present. This can be seen in how they adjust the focus and depth of field. Whether the subject was aware of being photographed or not, the images retain their element of being candid mainly due to the distance.

Credits: joypenn

For more of their works, visit joypenn's LomoHome.

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  1. acreamer
    acreamer ·

    @joypen amazing images, love how you capture your surroundings

  2. acreamer
    acreamer ·

    @joypenn amazing images, love how you capture your surroundings

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