A Hiker's Life On Film — a Photo Gallery By @Systemdevice


"Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time..." This saying really goes well with a photo gallery from community member @systemdevice.

Credits: systemdevice

All you can see are smiles and sweeping views of Romanian mountainsides and that's a good thing! Any self-respecting hiker or nature lover knows how important it is to enjoy the whole experience when you're outdoors. All you need to do is respect it and you'll be rewarded with a wonderful experience and magnificent views. Of course, nature is great when enjoyed with good company. There's always a reason to huddle for a group selfie using the elements as an awesome backdrop!

Credits: systemdevice

Enjoying nature is a recurring theme in Marian's work. His photos encapsulate what it feels like to be in the presence of the outdoors. It can be overwhelming when you think about it but there's a certain kind of fulfillment you get when you have nothing but the sky over your head and earth under your feet. Seeing the skies studded with stars and the mountainside carpeted with blooming flora is something that everyone should experience even just once in their lives. Of course, we won't be particularly surprised if you get hooked on the experience.

We would like to thank Marian aka @systemdevice for sharing his wonderful captures with the community.

written by cheeo on 2022-08-18 #people #places #hiking #photo-gallery #systemdevice #trascau-mountains

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