Geiranger - The Hidden Paradise


In the early summer I went to my neighbor country Norway, I didn’t expect much, but what I found there was amazing: high mountains, breathtaking views and lots of free-roaming animals!! Say hello to Geiranger, a hidden paradise that will leave you breathless and wanting for more!

As the Swede that I am, I have always had some kind of strange love/hate affair with Norway and its people. Mostly because when you live in Sweden, you are supposed to dislike the Norwegians and their country and vice-versa, sort of like the English and the french.

So when my family decided to go to Norway I was of course really skeptic towards the whole thing, seriously, I didn’t wanna go at all. But after a couple of weeks of Norway-propaganda from my family, I decided to give the country all swedes love to hate a chance, mostly because I wanted to test my new Holga!

After 10 long hours in the car the landscape suddenly changed from boring to interesting, and for the next five hours I was like a child in a candy store. When we finally got there, I was almost speechless, there was this little village, lying beautifully squeezed in between the mountains and the fjord. That was the city of Geiranger, and has been credited for being the most beautiful place in Norway.

-“Oh no!” You think, “that place must be a freakin’ tourist paradise spankin’ full of old people that travel by bus!”
-“Oh no!” I say, “that is the other beautiful thing my friends, the place hasn’t been turned into a amusement park!”
There are still tourists of course, you are not alone, but the atmosphere isn’t “tourist-ish” at all.

In Geiranger you can find some really beautiful spots(many sound of music-hills!) but it’s when you start to take day trips in the surrounding area you really discover the true beauty of Norway; Glaciers, fjords, lakes, churches, LOTS of free roaming animals, old buildings, small villages and more.
The people are also really, really nice and most people will actually lead you away from the tourist attractions and recommend their own secret favorite spots!

I cannot stress enough how beautiful this place is!

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  1. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    waw nice landscape

  2. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    amazing shots!

  3. tiffanyschepers
    tiffanyschepers ·

    I've been there, it's lovely!
    I rented a home for a few days during a trip through Norway, and I had an amazing view over the geiranger!
    I love Norway and Sweden

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