Analogue Bird Photography

Birdwatching is one of those timeless recreational activities that have been incorporated into the lives of many photographers. The pastime is reputed to develop one's awareness, observation skills and overall gaining more knowledge on nature's flora and fauna. It's also a social activity in which you and your friends can participate together. The best thing of all is it doesn't cost a dime to birdwatch. Simply bring your favorite, trusty film camera and load your favorite film!

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There are bird watchers, and then there are ornithological photographers. Whether one's doing it for pastime or for deep-focused studying, bird photography remains a popular genre to this day. The art of analogue bird photography allows the photographer to be more mindful of the capture. These stolen still shots of birds are akin to portrait studies of varying species. Make sure to bring a zoom or close-up lens to get more details out of the portrait.

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The image of the soaring bird is always a coveted shot for any photographer.  The fleeting and poetic image of freedom and liberty is rewarding especially for the film shooter. Capture its wingspan and form in its full clarity. Use a higher ISO film for these action shots, like the Lomography Color Negative 800.

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One of the primary uses of the camera is to document reality, and people of science rely on the camera to take visual notes of their observations. Finding a flock of birds in an area is a gift for the avian enthusiast's rigorous studies. How to get such shots? Learn more about the species of birds and their behavioral patterns. Early mornings, just before sunrise are when most diurnal birds are found out and about. They are also most active during dusk. Nocturnal birds like owls, of course, mean going out at night! According to Bird Searcher, there's never a bad time to look for birds; but if you're looking for particular species, a little research and consideration on geography, climate, and seasons helps.

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Do you have some favorite shots of avian creatures taken during your own birdwatch sessions? Share them in the comments below, or upload them to your LomoHomes!

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