Around the World in Analogue: Training Days at the Gosau Glacier

Within the Dachstein Mountain ranges is the municipality of Gosau. Surrounded by diverse topography along with the view of the Dachstein glacier, it is one of the favorite places among hikers, skiers, action sports athletes, cyclists,and nature lovers. Everything in Gosau is picturesque, from the natural landscapes, accommodations to the local life. The place is also known for being a reserve of fossils, and parts of the area are deemed as World Cultural Heritage sites. Lomographer evilpete recently reminisced about the glacier training he organized with friends in the summer of 2019, showcasing all the fun and beauty he experienced through film.

We went up during rainy weather as expected. Our base camp for the next day: the Adamekhütte. On the schedule: training days for glacier, ice, and more with the local mountain guide Martin Scherr.

For me, it was a refresher, for Christina, Meli, and Petra it was a lot of new stuff: Hoisting via Prusik knots, how to use Tbloc and Microtraction, rope team drags, Munchausen technique, Gardaklemme, diverse safety techniques, abseiling, express hoisting and a lot of alpine knowledge…  sometimes our heads were spinning.

From our base camp of course we couldn´t miss the ascend to Hoher Dachstein summit. Our mountain guide´s tactic to ascent late, in the afternoon, worked out well. When we reached the Obere Windlucke, the sky cleared in the direction Ramsau and we stood at the summit alone, with a great view.

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