Lomography Newcomer: @_edyta_ and her Lomography LC-A+


Edyta, aka _edyta_, has not been a member of our Lomography community for too long. Her wonderful snapshots with the Lomo LC-A+ nevertheless catch the eye. In this article, you can get to know Edyta a little and get inspired by her analogue snapshots!

© _edyta_ | Lomo LC-A

My name is Edyta, I am a social scientist from the Ruhr area. A year ago I bought an old Lomo LC-A on the internet. I had not taken analogue photos before. Friends of mine had taken analogue photos and I really liked the aesthetics of their photos. Unlike digital photos, analogue photos are atmospheric. And that's how I wanted to take photos. The Lomo LC-A is handy, small and easy to use. I don't know anything about cameras, so it's perfect for me – an instrument for the clueless. At the right moment, you can take wonderful pictures with the Lomo LC-A. You have to be quick not to miss the moment. If the light and the subject are right, you can be lucky. But if you are unlucky, there is not one convincing picture of the film you have taken. Therefore, one should be tolerant of film consumption and not be discouraged. For me, the development of films is like playing the lottery, you cash in the ticket and maybe you'll get a hit. Just as exciting and somehow unpredictable. You see a motif, position yourself and the camera and pull the trigger. The motifs are random. When I look for motifs, I often don't find any, they just turn up when I'm not expecting them. And then it's good to have the Lomo ready to take a picture immediately. My pictures are mostly random products.

© _edyta_ | Lomo LC-A

Many thanks to Edyta for sharing her photographs and thoughts with us! Follow her LomoHome to not miss any of her shots and leave some love!
And if you fell in love with the Look of the Lomo LC-A+, you can find it in our Online Shop.

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2021-06-22 #gear #people #lc-a

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