2020 in Monochrome – a Photo Gallery by @dangit

2020 may have been a terrible year for the world but we still have a lot to be thankful for. One thing that comes to our mind is the continuous growth of our analogue community and the steady flow of uploads that comes with it!

Credits: dangit

This photo gallery consists of the black-and-white work of Poland-based member @dangit. It's a mix of portraits, street photography, and daily life that are made timeless by the magic of black-and-white film. Monochrome just looks good, whatever year it is. We're loving the contrast, grain, and clarity of @dangit's shots, not to mention the frequency of his uploads. Maybe the downtime caused by self-isolation isn't too bad after all.

Credits: dangit

What about you? Share your recent shots with the community by uploading them!

written by cheeo on 2021-06-18 #people #places #black-and-white #poland #monochrome #bnw #photo-gallery #dangit

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