A Pantheon of Queens by Alyssa-Naïs Tourte


Lomographer Alyssa-Naïs Tourte a.k.a. 29121993 has a gift for bringing out the most expressive and artistic compositions in portraits as she emphasizes color, poses, and tiny details. In a new series, she brings a taste of Warhol's Silver Factory in this glam-inspired photoshoot of drag queens, shot in Toulouse, France.

Credits: 29121993

A quick look into Alyssa-Naïs' LomoHome heavily suggests her keen understanding of body language and color, and this series takes it up a notch. Her album Queens features models and drag queens Coco Damoiseau, Moira, and Melanie in a retro-glamorous set-up and make-up, posed in regality. Relying solely on artificial light and its reflections bouncing on their sequined dresses, metallic backdrops, disco balls, and accessories, the album makes a unique, eyecatching statement in the Community's trove. Mostly, the portraits are monochromatic, varying from cool blues, warm oranges, and soft pinks. Some photos look purposefully washed out to make them look even more vintage. The lighting and shadow create the texture and dynamics of the composition.

Credits: 29121993

It's quite reminiscent of Warhol's own Queens whom he invited to his famous studio, with Alyssa-Naïs' having a more retro-futuristic vibe. The disco party setting, the colors, and the lights put these queens into another dimension where they are untouchable, otherworldly, and divine. Alyssa-Naïs used her Canon AE-1 and the Cinestill 800T film for the shoot.

Credits: 29121993

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    very nice photos!

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    amazing! ♥

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