Balance of Fierce and Delicate: Portraiture by Sarah Maria with the Lomography Color Negative 800

Following our recent feature with photographer Sarah Maria, we welcome her back with a new set of portraits that once again breaks gender stereotypes. Using the Lomography Color Negative 800, she imbues the concept of film into portraiture with a model that shares her vision for rawness.

Model: Josh Posada; Photos by Sarah Maria with the Lomography Color Negative 800

This series features model Josh Posada, who contacted Sarah for a conceptual shoot of being 'unedited'. Resonating with Sarah's unfiltered and unpolished style, the two proceeded with the photoshoot that explores the various expressions of sharpness and softness not only with the shadow and lighting but also with Josh's expressions.

"I wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of harsh shadows and light beams with delicateness. It feels delicate because this is masculine energy captured through the female gaze, which is such a beautiful tribute to masculinity and its relationship to femininity."

The two also used a roll of film as a prop that wraps around Josh as an accessory. This little tidbit had Sarah step out of her comfort zone. "I was pretty anxious to branch out and to pull the physical roll of film out and expose it to use it as a prop. I kept the roll for memories. It holds so much sentiment," Sarah adds. The North Carolina-based model is also experienced with self-portraiture, hence making the synergy with Sarah smooth and pleasant. Sarah's experience as a model before has also given her the advantage to be more in touch with her subjects.

"The most important thing in my opinion when it comes to the subjects and models as a portrait photographer, is the ability to read others. If someone seems uncomfortable even slightly it's better to address and alleviate that right away than to press forward with the photo session."
Model: Josh Posada; Photos by Sarah Maria with the Lomography Color Negative 800

For the photoshoot, Sarah used the ever-trusted Lomography Color Negative 800, lauding it for its versatility and flexibility with different types of lightning thanks to the high ISO and rich color tones.

"It [Lomography Color Negative 800] is very forgiving and dynamic. I recommend it for portrait photographers who want to expand their understanding of what they've been told about film and when they should use an 800-speed film."

Sarah's been shooting film for six months, but quickly has she been developing her unique style and authority as a female photographer, earning support and respect from her clients, supporters, and fellow photographers. Although Sarah is keen on the purity of her photographs, her shots are seamless and immaculate, proving her mastery of light. Sarah's analogue future shines bright. "Right now I am relocating to Los Angeles and the mountains of NC, to be bicoastal, I'm truly thrilled to see where film photography continues to take me."

Model: Josh Posada; Photos by Sarah Maria with the Lomography Color Negative 800

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome work, Sarah! Follow Sarah on Instagram for more portraits and updates!

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