Japan in MX – a Photo Gallery by @yusuketk

We are loving the developments in the community. As the days pass, more and more talents are revealing themselves through their consistent uploads. One of those talents is @yusuketk.

Credits: yusuketk

These multiple exposure shots (MX) from @yusuketk remind us of @hodachrome and his insane skill. But don't get us wrong, they have entirely different approaches to the art of MX but we are more than glad to see them thriving in our global analogue community. This photo gallery offers something new and refreshing to the eyes during these crazy times. It's really amazing to see that creativity is alive and well and we're hoping to see more uploads from @yusuketk in the coming months.

Credits: yusuketk

Follow @yusuketk to see more of their MX work.

written by cheeo on 2021-06-17 #people #places #mx #multiple-exposure #double-exposure #japan #yusuketk

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